Our focus is on producing players who have the skills and passion for the game to see them playing football for all of their youth and even into adult hood.


Unlike most community clubs COBRAS FC understands that the quality of coaching and opportunity to practice are the most important factors in determining player development.


As such all of the CobrasFC coaching faculty are experienced and qualified coaches who are employed to deliver a top class program.


This is a key difference compared to most community clubs which only have unqualified and unsupported parents as coaches. 


Our goals is not to be  the biggest club with the most players , offering only average coaching.

Nor is our goal to ask junior families to pay for senior team facilities or club officers.


100% of junior funding from fees and junior sponsorship is invested in miniroos and the junior players development.







Our Juniors training program is built upon the framework designed by the Football Federation Australia (FFA)  and promoted by the Football Federation Victoria (FFV).



We have invested in our coaches by helping them prepare programs with recommended training activities based upon the Miniroos curriculum and enhanced by the relevant building blocks from the National Football Training Guide .


The material allows our coaches to design and adapt the weekly games and activities according to the team's strengths and weaknesses.

The objective of training is to maximise the amount of contact our players can have with the ball and do this in a way that increases their love of the sport.


Goal Keepers will receive specialist Goal Keeper training throughout the year as we understand that this is a specialized skill which cannot be mastered by passing and first touch technical coaching.



"Designed for kids of all abilities, aged 4 – 11 years, the nation-wide initiative uses short, game-based sessions to introduce the sport of football to newcomers in an inclusive way.

It focuses on learning new skills, being active, making life-long friends and, potentially, unearthing the next generation of Socceroos or Matildas"