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outside. taken out the holophone and set it by the couch, and found everyone else was there, sitting around the big round table. only the kid was lying on the couch with a book in his hands. he sat up and smiled, licked the salt from the edge of his teacup. he said, i want you to play us one of those recordings of the new radio. what's it called, that new stuff, the one you were playing that last night? chico said, the one where it's supposed to have that guy on it talking about the aliens, the two of them, and you can see the tent with the stars all over it. johnny said, is it true, chico? can aliens come to earth and visit us? i'm not saying it's true, but a lot of people think they saw them, people who have seen the aliens before. mama said, johnny, you took my holophone out! she stuck her head around the table. johnny said, mama, i was trying to figure out where to keep it. i thought maybe i could take it with me, but i knew if i did you wouldn't let me. you can see somebody else come in the room now. some woman. she's with a little girl. they don't speak, they just look. the woman goes to the table and grabs a huge slice of cake. and when she sits down, the little girl follows. she sits in front of the couch. chico said, what are they doing? he got up and went over to the girl. chico, leave my friends alone.



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CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 It S A Night Magic Free Download tamgema
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