FFV Guidelines for U12 2017

October 17, 2016


Keep Calm and Carry On was the gist of the recent announcement by the FFV regarding the proposed changes to the U12 format for 2017. 


As many of you will be aware the FFV tabled a proposal in August 2016 to modify the format of the U12 boys and girls competition for Community Clubs in accordance with the FFA desire to modify the format for the U12 NPL competition.

In the spirit of brevity the highlights included:

  • Pitch and goal sizes were to be reduced, as were the team sizes from 11 to 9 players on the field.

  • Points and league tables were to be abandoned.

These proposed changes were intended to "improve skill acquisition and development for 11 and 12 year old players" by promoting "a more technical-based learning environment for players that is not focused on results and winning". 



Community Clubs were invited to provide feedback to the FFV by early October regarding the proposed changes.


The club expressed their support for these proposed changes which we felt offered a better environment both in terms of pitch size as well as encouraging a less competitive / aggressive atmosphere for 11 and 12 year olds.


However the FFV has received a large number of concerns from clubs in Victoria and has had to perform an emergency stop on the proceedings and defer any decision until the 2018 season. 


2017 will see the U12 Community teams continue to play on full size pitches with 11 players as per the 2016 season. 


On the up side its great for the kids' physical conditioning and despite the club's reservations we intend to field very competitive teams once again.


Yours in Football,