Bayside 5-a-side Cup Round 2

November 6, 2016


The U11 Cobras have continued their dominant form in round 2 of the Bayside 5-a-side Cup.


Versing the Thunderbolts the Cobras demonstrated that superior technique can overcome greater numbers.

The competition applies a Scottish 5-a-side rule that if a team goes down on the scoreboard by 5 goals it is allowed to bring on an additional player and play 6 vs 5 players until the margin is reduced to 4 goals.

Having accumulated 5 goals within the first ten minutes the Cobras found themselves facing 6 Thunderbolts for the remaining  36 minutes of the match. 

However the superior numbers did not do much to assist the Thunderbolts in defending against the U11's relentless ball movement though it did keep the Cobras defense honest with the constant threat of a quick break. On more than 1 occasion Jack our goalie was forced to demonstrate his agility and determination .

Along with desperate defense by the boys we managed to only let 4 goals in.

The team showcased some fantastic control and movement to go coast to coast in 5 passes to find the back of the net on more than one occasion.


Goals by Nils, Theo, Lennie, Lucas and Fede.

Final Score 19-4

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