Bayside 5-a-side Cup Round 6 CobrasU11

December 3, 2016

Round 6 of the Bayside 5-a-side cup was played on 3rd December with the Cobras vs Vipers.

It proved to be a more physical game than predicted with the Vipers using the walls like an Octagon Cage and more elbows thrown than a typical UFC bout as they were frustrated by our teams superior ball control and persistent defense.  Numerous free kicks were given away but none within goal scoring range.

Fortunately superior ball movement and team work allowed the Cobra5 to stay clear of the Vipers as much as possible.

The Cobra5 struck early in the match and continued to accumulate goals throughout the first half going into half time 10 goals to 1 against 6 player opposing team (Scottish Rules).


The second half saw the Vipers' frustration level reach boiling point and several Cobra5 had to be rotated out for running repairs as they were tripped, kicked, elbowed and bounced around the field.

After numerous warnings for foul play the referee had to resort to a yellow card late in the 2nd half to reign in the Vipers aggressive tacti