Bayside 5-a-side Cup Round 8 - U11

December 17, 2016

Round 8 was the halfway point in the Cup Competition and saw the top 2 teams in the competition go head to head.

The Falcons went into the day in second place on the table having only lost in the 2nd round to the Vipers and demonstrated why they deserved to be in contention.

The Cobra5 had to really compete for every ball from the first whistle and during the first half the Falcon's gave as good as they got with the score line see sawing back and forth. Cobra ahead 5-4  at half time was score that reflected the intensity of the game. The tighter marking was making it harder for the Cobra5 to put their trademark passing game into full effect but on several occasions good ball movement and hard running shone through.

Falcons also strung some nice pieces together testing our defenses and forcing Jack on more than one occasion to make some heroic saves in goal.

The first half saw our first injury of the 8 week campaign with Lenny copping a kick to his ankle and having to come off for some ice. Fortunately he was able to come back on late in the 2nd half to add some bite.



Second half started much as the first had ended with both team quite evenly matched.

However as we reached the midpoint of the 2nd half our boys once again began to exert their passing game as the opposition tired leaving more space . Aston and Theo combined nicely on several occasions and were unlucky to not core several goals on the back of quick 1-2 passes.

It wasn't long before we were stretching the opposition and making some nice end to sequences putting the ball in the back of the oppositions net 5 times .

Great defense by Fede, Lukey, Corey and Nils kept the Falcons to only 1 goal in the second half.

On a warm day like today the teams really had to push themselves and all of the Cobra5 demonstrated the great character and team spirit they have . 

Final score 10-5 .

Cobra5 complete the first half of the cup season undefeated at the top of the table.

in 8 rounds the team scored


120 goals and conceded only 25.