Bayside 5-a-side Cup Round 9 - U11

February 7, 2017


Round 9 marked the recommencement of the tournament after the long Christmas hiatus.

I for one did not envy the lads as they jogged onto the pitch under a blazing sun and scorching 35 degrees.

However, the boys set out to prove that the break had not dulled their razor sharp attack or rock solid defense and they did not disappoint.


Versing 4th place Lightening, the Cobra5 returned to the pitch determined to maintain their unbeaten record.

Within minutes the team had found its rhythm and the Lightening found themselves under some serious pressure. Cobra5 pressing caused numerous turnovers which could have been punished far more frequently and limited the opposition's chances in front of goal.

Our first goal came after 4 minutes and the Cobras continued to chip away to finish the first half 7-1.


Though both teams used the bench frequently, all players were looking forward to the half time whistle.


Despite the break, the second half saw the Lightening really suffer as several players were forced to withdraw and no further substitutes were available.

The Cobras managed to score a further 5 goals before they offered the Lightening an early shower when the Lightening squad fell below 5 players at the 12 minute mark.

Final score declared at 12-1.


This was a fantastic gesture of sportsmanship on the part of the Cobra5 boys who could have put the remaining 3 Lightening players to the sword and racked up a demoralizing scoreline.

The last 6 minutes saw the Cobras reserves reinforce the Lightening squad for some lighthearted play which really underlined the great spirit of the competition.


The Cobra5 have amassed an impressive lead in the competition at this point with 9 wins from 9 appearances , 132 goals scored and 26 conceded.


Next week we verse the 7th placed Southerns.