Rd 1 Results - Senior Men's Season 2017

March 25, 2017


Reserves Full Time Result

COBRAS SC 3 def St Kilda Celts 0


Seniors Full Time Result

COBRAS SC 1 def St Kilda Celts 0

Scorer - Vulic


2017 - Rd 1 - State 1 S/E

COBRAS SC 1 def St Kilda Celts 0

Scorer: Antun Vulic


Venom Strikes in Rd 1  


The Caulfield Utd Cobras SC (based at Victory Park, Patterson Rd - Bentleigh) began their 2017 season when they last year’s promotion winning team St Kilda Celts. Coach Kupininc selected a solid squad with several new names being added such as Vulic, Allen, Hastings, Robic, Slimane & Tsintzas.


The first half began at a fast pace where the Cobras midfield (Topping, Summerbell, and Johnson) looked to take the initiative and dictate the pace of the game. The first 8 mins saw the Cobras keep possession of the ball which saw chances to Ben Woischuik and Antun Vulic just miss the mark. The St Kilda Celts slowly started to get back into the game and their home ground advantage showed as they mounted pressure to the Cobras backline ( Sanita, Botvenev, Rankin & Daly ).


A counter attack was perfectly executed which saw new comer Antun Vulic score and have the score read Cobras SC 1 – St Kilda Celts 0.


Half Time

Cobras SC 1 – St Kilda Celts 0


The second half saw the home team come out firing. Several chances fell to ex Cobras striker

Mc Rae however, he could not find the net.


The Cobras SC had to dig deep as the Celts mounted attack after attack.


The final whistle blew and the Cobras SC were victorious in the first ever State 1 game.


Round 2 will see the Cobras play away from home where they face Manningham FC.


Full Time

Cobras SC 1 – St Kilda Celts 0