Sponsored Article: Useful Gluteus Training Exercises.

As we all know, training is not just on the pitch, it is off the pitch too, in our training sessions at the gym, to our exercises we can do at home.
The gluteus muscle group (buttocks) are an important set of muscles to help with our pelvic stability and to help support our hip joints.
Improving your gluteus strength can help to:
 Improve your running technique
 Prevent lower limb injuries
 Your agility and increase power for those quick sprints down the pitch
 Provide you with a more stable base of support around your pelvis, for when you go to kick the ball.
These are a range of exercise you can try, ranging in level of difficulty…



Strength training takes a minimum of 4-6 weeks, repetition of exercises and performing them regularly is important.

Ascertaining the appropriate exercises and the correct level to perform them at is crucial. You also need to be careful not to progress the level of difficulty too quickly. Commonly people can cause themselves an injury by overloading their muscles.

We have recently provided pictures and videos on our website of some gluteal exercises.

Please visit our website to view.

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