Osteitis Pubis- Do you suffer from pelvic pain? This could be a possible cause …..

August 16, 2017


Osteitis Pubis is the inflammation of a disc of cartilage, where the left and right pubic bones meet, at the front of the pelvis (the pubis symphysis).




What is this…..?
The pubic symphysis is the point where several muscles attach. During vigorous exercise, such as sports requiring running, changes of direction and increased weight bearing, large contractions are produced by these muscle groups. This can cause an increased pull on the pubic symphysis and an inflammatory reaction and subsequent pain at this site.

 Pain, tenderness at front of the pubic bone
 Sharp or dull ache
 Gradual pain
 Radiation of pain into abdomen/ groin
 Exacerbated by exercise

To the muscles attaching to the pubic symphysis.
This can happen through a variety of ways….
1) Playing sport on uneven ground/ hard surfaces
2) Returning to sport after a period of rest
3) Increasing the duration/load of the exercise too quickly in an exercise program or sport.
4) Non-supportive footwear
5) Muscular imbalances
6) Tight muscles around the groin
7) Poor running techniques

Prevention and Treatment………..?

1) Warm up and cool down
2) Avoid activities that cause pain
3) Rest and recovery
4) Stretch and Strengthen
-core exercises
-Adductor stretches
5) Footwear
6) Physiotherapy
- soft tissue therapy
-clinical pilates
- exercise prescription- to stretch and strengthen relevant muscle groups.
- correct sporting technique


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