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COVID-19 Update


Update as at 18 September 2020 and Action Required by Parents


  • This is an update for Parents of MiniRoos and Junior Players at Cobras FC.

  • We have received final confirmation from Football Victoria on the season being cancelled and their refund policy. This means we will now take action on our Cobras FC COVID-19 Refund Policy.

  • At the end of this communication we have provided a little more detail on the calculations from our Club Treasurer.




Regarding the Refundable Amount of your Fees - Have you notified us of your preference yet? We need this from you by 26th September.

Option 1

Cobras Loyalty Pre-payment for 2021 - Put your “refundable amount” towards 2021 fees.

For members who are willing and able to leave their “refundable amount” with the Cobras FC and have this amount allocated against their 2021 season fees (these would usually be payable by the end of February 2021).



By selecting Option 1 you will help reduce the time our volunteers take to manage this season cancellation; and you also help the Club prepare for a great season in 2021!


Please note that if you find that circumstances change, you can request this amount be refunded to you.


Where members had paid full fees and then deferred them to 2021, a bonus credit of $25 will be applied to the 2021 season fees.
(This is an incentive for members to defer their fees towards 2021 fees rather than request a refund).

Option 2

Receive a refund of the “refundable amount”.

We will endeavor to process refunds by the middle of October. (Please remember this is done by a volunteer committee member so timing is an estimate.)

Opens in Google Forms

Opens in Google Forms

 Sharing the Refund calculations from our Treasurer:

Your Fees

As a reminder, the fees that our club members have paid via are a combination of:

  1. Football Victoria association charges, and

  2. Cobras FC player fees.



The FV Component:

FV made a decision to refund a portion of their association fees and this is to be refunded via the Clubs. This is a link to the information they have provided on their Football Victoria “Covid Portal”:



The Cobras FC fees component:

Cobras FC is a community not-for-profit association. As such, our fee structure is calculated based on the costs we expect to incur for the club during the year.



Since the 2nd suspension of soccer in July, the committee has been working hard to minimise the costs incurred. Unfortunately some costs (such as uniforms) could not be avoided and other costs were incurred during the pre-season and the brief period of training we had in Term 2 (coaching, equipment, ground hire etc).



Earlier in September, the Cobras committee invited our members to choose from 2 options regarding their fees and the cancellation of the season - We will now take action for each member according to the option they selected.



What is the “refundable amount”?

This is simply fees collected minus costs incurred. This takes into account pre-season training sessions and the Club's operating costs for the year.

Table of fees.PNG

Thank you to our Treasurer!

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our Club Treasurer John Bresolin for his ongoing hard work and commitment as a volunteer parent with the Club.

It is in large part due to his cautious and well-planned spending that we have been able to offer such a significant refund to our members.



And thank you to all our volunteer parents and volunteer community members!

Thank you to our Club Executive Committee members who are either parents or community members, to our Team Managers and to all parents of the Club for working tirelessly throughout this terribly difficult season to make the most of it for our young players.

While we are disappointed this was not a typical season, we are so pleased that we were at least able to provide our MiniRoos and Juniors members with 24 training sessions during those months of February to June - which seem so long ago!


We’ll see you all soon as we prepare for Season 2021!

In life as well as sport we are all looking forward to 2021 being a very different year to 2020! Please stay in touch with the Club. We look forward to preparing a pre-season for 2021!



Kind Regards from the Cobras 2020 Junior Committee Theo Chronis - President of the Club (2017-2020)

Jed Elliot (Fede and Fancesca’s Dad)

John Bresolin (Gian’s Dad)

Laura Royce (Georgia and Lucas’ Mum)

Natalie Gerdan (Charlie’s Mum)

Phil Oliver (Lukas’ Dad)

Tobias Salomonsson (Nils’ Dad)

Anna Dimer (Lucy’s Mum)

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